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Tabitha-UNFPA project updates Thursday 21 December 2017

As part of the UNFPA funded project and in partnership with the Druze women association, Tabitha Relief and Development continued the implementation of the project titled “Promoting sexual and reproductive health of Syrian and Lebanese women and adolescents/youth”. During this month, Tabitha conducted psychosocial support sessions about emotional support, positive coping mechanisms and problem management. The self-care sessions that were conducted during November 2018 gave the women time to express their feelings, relieve their stress and find ways to handle their problems. Additionally, eight reproductive health sessions were conducted at Bhamdoun Social Development Center, Tabitha community center, Ain Data Maronite School and Charoun School. Furthermore, Tabitha implemented sessions on Conflict Transformation to highlight the importance of collaboration, teamwork, positive competitive spirit and positive coping mechanisms.

Moreover, during November 2018 and in partnership with ABAAD Research Center for Gender Equality, Tabitha conducted a Peer-to-Peer training for 23 men. The attendees received information on how to define violence, violence against women, consequences of violence, difference between gender and sex, importance of Sexual and Reproductive Health education, STDs, etc. The trained beneficiaries were requested to transmit the knowledge gained from these sessions to other community members. Thus, until date, the beneficiaries conducted 10 awareness-raising sessions to 138 community members. The beneficiaries showed dedication and willingness to share their knowledge and are conducting several sessions in order to reach the highest number of community members.