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Tabitha – UNFPA Project Updates Sunday 21 January 2018

As part of UNFPA project, Tabitha Relief and Development conducted several activities including recreational activities with youth and caregivers through role-play and mutual discussions between attendees about early marriage, domestic violence and gender equality. “This is my first time that I have the opportunity to participate in such activities; it’s never too late to get educated and to improve my skills when dealing with my family” a male participant stated after participating in Tabitha recreational activities.

Additionally, youth from the Syrian refugee and Lebanese host communities participated in a theater play about gender equality, early marriage and right for education. 149 Lebanese and Syrian beneficiaries attended the play and showed a positive interaction. A women from the participants said: “You have the right for education, you have the right to rebel against early marriage and violence, and he (the male counterpart) should respect these fundamental rights”

Moreover, a graduation ceremony for 158 participated who have been trained and participated in life skills sessions was conducted on the 22nd of December 2017 where the women were very proud and explicitly their satisfaction of the project activities. Further to that, the attendees of the ceremony were pleased with the project impact and highlighted the necessity of such interventions.