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An Unfairy tail of a Syrian Refugee Sunday 21 January 2018

“What is at stake is nothing less than the survival and well being of a generation of innocents” – Antonio Guterres UNHCR.


The unfairy tail starts with a Journey from Damascus, Syria to Aley, Lebanon where refugees have flee the war that deteriorated an entire nation and been called the worst humanitarian crisis of this era.

Mustafa, who has flee the war in Syria accompanied by his family including his mother, father, elderly family members and his disabled brother thought that Lebanon would offer him safety and peace. However the odds were not in his favor, Mustafa had to work in a supermarket for 10 to 12 hours a day, carrying heavy items without any rest so he can provide support for his family to at least secure their medical needs. Mustafa was also diagnosed with psychological and nocturnes problems due to the war trauma.

When Tabitha Relief and Development staff members knew about Mustafa and the situation of his family, they reached out to them in order to assess their needs and find a suitable way to support them.

Currently, Mustafa’s mother is working as a part time support staff in Mary’s Meals’ program in Lebanon and Mustafa was referred to Tabitha psychosocial support program for follow up. Mustafa has returned to school and has successfully reintegrated within his community and friends.