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Portraits of Power Thursday 1 March 2018

Portraits a notion that has played an essential role in how different cultures illustrate people of high social relevance. A word from history where kings, emperors and politically powerful families were the common possessors of that privilege. This historical relationship between portraits and power continues where it can still be clearly seen through the portraits of state leaders.

However, with Dorcas/Tabitha, everything changes, where the power of the oppressed shed light over the tyranny of the oppressors. A film crew from the Netherlands visited Lebanon to create a unique experience for Syrian and Lebanese vulnerable women and helps them in reflecting their power through portraits that summarizes with a single look the history of these fighters who have fought and managed to survive the most devastating situations.


Fashion outfits tailored for these women from second hand items at Dorcas Shops in the Netherlands according to the Lebanese and Syrian contexts were ready to be worn and reflect the beauty of every women. The crew visited the participants at their households to portray their living conditions.

On the 27th and 28th of January, the participants were participating in a unique photo session in Aley’s and on the 29th of January, the women walked on the stage with self-confidence reflecting their power, their struggle and some pieces of their survival stories.


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