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The un-fairy tale of Mohamad Monday 12 March 2018

Mohamad, departed from Homs, Syria due to the ongoing crisis that has led the internal displacement of more than 6 million persons and the flee of more than 4 million refugees to nearby countries such as Lebanon. The story of this 11 years old boy is yet another un-fairy tale of children who have flee a war that has destroyed their hometown searching for peace in nearby countries and hoping that the future will bring them success and prosperity to help their fellow citizens in the reconstruction of their beloved Syria.

When he first came to Lebanon, Mohamad was yet another child in need for immediate support in order to cope with this new environment, away from home, living between strangers and trying to adapt to what tomorrow might bring.

Through the homework support program that is being implemented by Tabitha community center in Aley and targeting Lebanese and Syrians, Mohamad was enrolled in Tabitha educational program and is attending 4 days a week the sessions provided by Tabitha. With the close support provided, Mohamad was able to improve in science, English and succeeded to get excellent grade in his fourth grade class in school.

Mohamad was very grateful for the support provided by Tabitha and promised that he will work to maintain these grades to make his family proud and be able to contribute to his country in the future.