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Dorcas CEO in Lebanon Monday 23 April 2018

“Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased – Hebrews 13:16”. That is why, Dorcas/Tabitha has dedicated itself and set its goal towards helping the most vulnerable communities to fulfill their needs and strengthen their wellbeing in order to reach out the most deprived communities and help in shaping their future.

To shed light of Dorcas/Tabitha commitment towards serving the poor and oppressed, Leendert Visser, Dorcas Relief and Development CEO visited for four consecutive days the country offices in Lebanon and Syria. This visit was essential for both offices in order to set the organizational strategies in the two countries, reflect Dorcas/Tabitha interventions, meet with different stakeholders and listen to the stories of the refugees, internally displaced persons and local host communities in both Lebanon and Syria in order to understand the devastating situation of these communities and the gap in securing their basic needs.

The visit comes during a period of need where most of the operating organizations lack proper funding to serve their targeted communities which is leading to an increase in the vulnerability status of the refugees and host community members especially after moving from a refugee crisis into a more protracted refugee situation with no foreseen end.

Dorcas/Tabitha intervention in Lebanon and Syria is essential to reach the most vulnerable communities in the most deprived and forgotten areas in order to carry their burden, meet their needs and fulfill peace in their hearts.