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Community Center Aley – April 2018 Tuesday 15 May 2018

As part of its ongoing interventions in Aley district, Tabitha Relief and Development and through its community center has conducted several activities with refugees and host community members. 23 Syrian and Lebanese women participated in a life skills training that aimed at providing them with basic medical knowledge to address minor medical incidents such as burns, minor injuries, etc. Additionally, 37 Syrian child participated in community-based activities that aimed at protecting and promoting children psychosocial wellbeing. The targeted children had several vulnerabilities and protection risks such as exposure to violence, accumulation of stress, behavior disorder, etc. Moreover, 10 Syrian women benefited from 4 women Group Psychosocial sessions and were able to understand their fears, identify their obstacles and set proper solutions. Further to that, 7 legal awareness sessions were conducted to Lebanese and Syrian communities in order to disseminate the needed information on trafficking, rights and duties, etc.


In order to strengthen the relationship between the refugee and host community kids, to shed the light on the obstacles faced by the Syrian communities and highlight their needs, a group of students from the College des Peres Antonins – Baabda, visited the community center in

Aley, spent their day with refugee kids, shared some treats and joined one structured PSS session.

The visit was extremely valued by the host community that aims at building the best ties with the Lebanese Host Community members.