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Alley Community Center Updates – August 2018 Thursday 13 September 2018

The provision of life skills activities has proven the positive impact that can leave on the most vulnerable communities especially by providing them the ability to gain skills, spend some quality time and express their feelings.

During the month of August 2018, Tabitha Relief and Development conducted a caregivers’ program targeting Syrian caregivers of children attending PSS sessions. This intervention aimed at promoting the wellbeing of children and adolescents through improving parent’s stress management skills, positive parenting practices and strategies for supporting children and adolescents with psychosocial needs. The sessions were conducted in parallel with the community based and focused sessions.

Moreover, during the same month, Tabitha received visitors and representatives from ZOA, different country directors from Dorcas Relief and Development offices and the communication team of Dorcas Headquarters in the Netherlands.

Additionally, Tabitha organized a trip for the staff to mitigate foreseeable physical and psychological health and safety risks in addition to participating in activities that help in getting rid of the stress caused by their daily work.