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The Un-fairy tale of a 12 years old boy Thursday 13 September 2018

When the peaceful days disappear, when the late night stories are never heard again, the un-fairy tales of those who have endured the miseries of this universe starts in a journey from a far land to a new place they call it home. Wissam, a 12 years old boy, has faced several obstacles since his birth and suffered what older people has never endured. As such, to help Wissam in coping with his situation, Tabitha Relief and Development has enrolled him in the school meal program that is being provided to students attending the summer activities at the PWHO center in Bourj El Barajne settlement camp. Wissam has received healthy meals on a daily basis which is important for his health.

Tabitha Relief and Development healthy meal program through Mary’s Meals funding remains an essential component in securing daily meals for the most vulnerable children.