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Batroun Community Center – September 2018 Monday 15 October 2018

Tabitha Relief and Development through its community center located in Batroun has conducted Life skills sessions for adolescents from the most vulnerable communities in that region. Two groups were formed, constituted from 15 participants each group. Each participant attended 8 sessions on Communication, goal setting, self-esteem, emotional support, gender equality, stress management, advocacy, parental and adolescence relational, body development and Child marriage.

In addition to that, Tabitha Relief and Development in Collaboration with ABAAD, organized a Protection Advocacy event on September 10 and 11, 2018 in Kfifane. 187 Syrian children attended the event which included psychosocial support activities, recreational activities and a theater play that aimed to deliver key messages on protection, gender equality and child marriage prevention. Further to that, 56 Syrian women were present during the event and benefited from social and legal awareness sessions, in addition to promoted advocacy on gender equality and women’s rights.

Furthermore, Tabitha community center in Batroun finalized the education support summer cycle which started in July 2018 to 70 children who are ready to go back to school.