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Child Labor Intervention Thursday 22 November 2018

On October 21, 2018 Tabitha Relief and Development has organized an activity to 20 young boys between the age of 13 and 18 who were involved in worst forms of child labor, who have never been to school and who even to know how to read and write.

To provide them with a safe space where they can have fun and enjoy their day, Tabitha Aley community center conducted an outing to Aley Country Club that several sports activities such as the zip line, mountain climbing and crossing over the hanging logs, etc.

The youth that were very excited to take part in the activity have faced several challenges related to their caregivers and employers especially that most of them don’t have a day off at work or should be helping their parents in home chores.

Moreover, Tabitha staff worked closely during the activity with each boy to ensure a proper group integration through building trust between the group members, how to behave and transform conflicts which allowed them to open their hearts and share their daily challenges at work and with their caregivers.