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Batroun Community Center – November 2018 Updates Monday 17 December 2018

Tabitha Relief and Development through its community center located in Batroun has improved the education support through homework support sessions to 70 Children from Jrane and Batroun who were struggling and facing many difficulties especially in French language. The children received help in their homework and the teachers tried to cover the gaps and explain to the students as much as possible. The children were enjoying the sessions and expressed how much they need help on the level of education.

Moreover, Tabitha Relief and Development started an intervention in the region of Kfarhelda where more than 400 Syrian refugee are living and working. Tabitha staff met the mayor of Kfarhelda and in strong collaboration with the municipality, the social workers started the implementation of a focused psychosocial support cycle composed of 12 sessions. Children in the school are coming from vulnerable families, from the regions of Kfarhelda, Bsatin El Osi and Yarita.

Further to that, MSD (Tabitha’s Partner) lawyer facilitated a legal info session in Kfarhelda-Al Bsatin region and the social worker of Tabitha Relief and Development facilitated an awareness session including primary first aid basics. Following the session, the social worker distributed a Primary First Aid Kit to each participant in order to help them applying what was delivered during the session.

Under the Child Protection Case Management services, many children were identified by the social worker and are being followed up with their families. These children are facing difficulties and challenges that affect their protection as children. The social worker met the family, the children and together they assessed their needs, built an action plan and followed up with the families accordingly through home visits, individual and collective meetings, individual psychosocial support session, etc.