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The Un-fairy tale of Halima Monday 17 December 2018

When the bombs started shelling over her hometown, Halima, a 12 years old girl though that these are the sounds of firework but never thought even for a bit of a second, that she will keep on hearing these sounds for 7 years. She never thought that her childhood has ended during that moment and a new journey full of risks has just begun.

After years of moving from one place to another, Halima has now settled in Aleppo and is attending Dar El Tarbiya School where she is following her educational path hoping that one day she will be able to contribute to rebuilding her beloved country. Halima is currently receiving healthy meals through Dorcas – Syria feeding program funded by Mary’s Meals. The meals she is receiving are helping her to gain energy and focus in her classes. Halima has made a lot of friends and her teachers are providing her with the support and guidance needed to fulfil her dreams.