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Alley Community Center Updates Monday 25 March 2019

After the extension of the Child Protection project that is being implemented with TDH Italy through a UNHCR funding, Tabitha Relief and Development resumed the PSS activities in Ghbeiry, Msaaytbeh and Aley Community center.

The CBPSS, FPSS and parenting sessions are being delivered directly in Tabitha centers or throughout outreach activities in local CBOs such as orphanages, schools, non-formal educational institution, etc.


Under this project, the Tabitha is targeting 670 Syrian and Lebanese children with their caregivers. In addition to the parenting sessions, caregivers are benefiting from life skills sessions such as soap making and first aid session. This is offering them the opportunity to acquire new skills that they can apply in their daily life.


Additionally, 6 educators are shadowing Syrian and Lebanese children in grade 1, 2 and 3 who have learning difficulties. Under the homework support program, 100 children living in Aley and enrolled in public schools are being supported with homework and exams to help them achieve good results. Since the beginning of this program principles of schools and caregivers’ feedback, allowed Tabitha to observe the positive impact of this program and the improvement of the majority of student attending the program.