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Mary’s Meals program Monday 25 March 2019

Due to the storm that hit Lebanon, Tabitha Relief and Development through Mary’s Meals funding responded to the devastating situation that Lebanese and host community members were facing due to the severe weather and was able to distribute 1,000 food parcels to household residing in Aley, Batroun and Bourj El Barajne settlement camp. Tabitha based the distribution of the parcels based on a set of criteria such as Nationality (Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese), Families of children attending education activities in Aley, Batroun and Bourj El Barajne centers, Pregnant woman, Lactating woman, Single parent, Families with family members suffering from chronic illness, Elderlies, Persons with disabilities, etc.

The distribution was a very crucial in order to address the need of people affected by the storm especially that Tabitha was tackling the basic needs of the persons who are excluded from all kind of assistance.

The families who received the assistance were very grateful and satisfied especially that Tabitha ensured to reach out and assist the most vulnerable communities in the most deprived areas who were in an extreme need for food assistance during this stormy weather.