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Emergency obstetric care in the New Aleppo area, Syria

i4^cimgpsh_orig Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, has been significantly affected by the ongoing conflict. Many health-care facilities are being targeted by combating parties leaving the city deprived of essential life saving care. Almost 3 our of 4 hospitals are currently destroyed or provide services on (significantly) reduced capacity. As the conflict enters its 6th year the need for health-care services has grown exponentially, especially for infants and pregnant women. More than 1,3 million people making up almost 66% of the population are not able to access medical assistance. Providing appropriate care is extremely challenging due to the ongoing insecurity and limited access.

Dorcas, together with UNOCHA, Cordaid, Ministry of Health and St. James the Mutilated Monastery  provided a so-called Hospitainer to Aleppo in 2015. The Hospitainer is a mobile hospital in a 40-foot shipping container specialized to provide emergency obstetric care. The mobile hospital is equipped with  a operating theatre, a sterilization cabin, and pre- and post-operation theatre rooms. The mobile hospital is equipped for 12 months to provide about 2,000 surgeries and medicine/consumables for about 2,500 people.